The Fangs of Summertime is the fourteenth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter starts with Antimony refusing an offer from Anja Donlan to spend the summer with the Donlans because she wants to wait for her father to contact her. Mrs. Donlan notices a Gillitie Wood signal flare in the sky and brings Kat and Antimony to the rooftop. There she takes Antimony's Blinker stone and throws it into the sky, creating a red signal flare. Mr. Eglamore shows up and speaks with Mrs. Donlan, telling the trio that a meeting between the Wood and the Court will take place, he then leaves. Mrs. Donlan retrieves the Blinker stone and gives it back to Antimony as they walk back to the court.

In the court, all of the dignitaries are gathered, Antimony meets Parley and Andrew, the mediums-in-training. Coyote and Ysengrin arrive. Coyote mistakes Antimony for her mother, Surma, but is corrected by Antimony who talks to Coyote briefly about his adventures while Ysengrin argues with the Court. Ysengrin pulls out a damaged Tic Toc, accusing Antimony of planting it in the ravine, and then destroys it.

Reynardine appears in his wolf form and argues with Ysengrin. Coyote teases Reynardine by lifting Antimony's skirt, she promptly spanks him. Ysengrin becomes enraged and tries to strike Antimony, but is blocked by Reynardine and a force field created by Donald Donlan. Eglamore tries to strike him back, but Coyote throws Ysengrin against a wall to stop his rage. Coyote apologizes and invites Antimony to visit him in the forest before leaving the court.

After they are gone, Jones discovers Ysengrin had dropped seeds during the attack. The Headmaster talks to Antimony and invites her to join in on some classes with Parley and Andrew next year.

Antimony talks to Kat at the dorm and then heads to her own room, taking out a picture she stole from the Donlans of her parents and their friends when they were younger. Thus Year 7 of her schooling is complete.

Characters Featured

  • Jones (First Appearance)

Places Featured

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the last chapter of the first published book, Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation. It is also the last set in Antimony's year 7.
  • After this chapter finished, Tom took a break of two weeks. During this period, pages from other artists were uploaded as guest comics.


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