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A Week for Kat is the thirteenth chapter in Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter starts with a new student joining the class, Alistair. Kat and Antimony become friends with him after he outsmarts Winsbury and they end up spending most of the week hanging out. With every page, Alistair gains a new article of clothing covering his body. Towards the end of the week, Alistair is decked out in winter clothing from head to foot. Winsbury teases him about this in PE class, and Alistair shows off his basketball skills to shut Winsbury up.

Antimony suspects Alistair and promptly picks him up with ease, discovering he is very light, which is why he was able to dunk over Winsbury. Kat is embarrassed by Antimony's actions, and they have a brief row. Later on she admits to Antimony that she likes Alistair, so Antimony finds a way to get the two alone together in the Library.

Alistair tells Kat he will be leaving soon and the two hold hands. On Friday, Alistair tells Kat he has to leave sooner than thought, and abruptly says goodbye. Kat is dumbstruck and devastated, but Antimony decides the two need to see each other again. She drags Kat to Alistair's room and shoves her inside.

Alistair is surprised to see Kat, and finally reveals that the reason he has been covering up so much of his body. He and his parents agreed to take some sort of test , and as a result, he is turning into a bird. He introduces his mother and father, also birds, who perch themselves on the windowsill waiting for his change to complete. Kat and Alistair hug and say their final farewells. Alistair fully changes into a bird and flies off to Gillitie Wood with his parents.

Kat watches them go and then hugs Antimony, crying.

Characters introduced in this Chapter

  • Alistair's parents


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