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Mainly Involves Robots is the twelfth chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. It starts here.


The chapter begins with Antimony and Kat discovering that Shadow 2 is actually made of matter and that he can talk. Antimony relates a story to Kat about how she found a peculiar room that only robots are allowed to enter. She becomes determined to get into the room to find Robot, who was sent there after the bridge incident in Chapter 7.

Antimony and Reynardine successfully fool the door guard robot and get into the room. Antimony asks the Administrator robot where Robot is, but is surprised to learn that Robot's body has been turned into paper clips. The Administrator tells Antimony that Robot's brain has been kept for research purposes, and points the way for her.

Reynardine morphs into a huge wolf form and allows Antimony to ride on his back through the long hallway heading to the research lab. Once they arrive, Antimony looks up S13 in the directory and Reynardine smashes the container holding Robot's brain chip. Antimony grabs the chip, which sets off an alarm, and the pair make a run for it from the robot guards.

Back at Kat's lab, they plug the chip into a docking system and talk to Robot about his experiences in the Gillitie Wood. Robot relates his story of how he reached the other side of the bridge and met a man who placed a seed in his body which grew into a new arm, and how Shadow 3 took control of his body.

Reynardine tells Antimony that she has no idea what she has started by sending a robot into Gillitie Wood and by capturing Shadow 2. He starts to talk about "his cousin", but promptly shuts up, leaving Antimony and Kat with questions unanswered.

Characters introduced in this Chapter


Administrator Robot

Reynardine's large wolf form

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