Queslett House is one of the four scholastic houses at Gunnerkrigg Court, along with Chester, Thornhill and Foley. It is not known whether entry into any of the houses is based on bizarre, judgmental criteria as one might see in popular culture, or if admittance is based on far more mundane factors.

Student Traits

Queslett House houses the main characters of the story (except for Parley, who is in Thornhill), and from the ones we have seen the most number of students so far. Most of them seem to be "normal" kids, however Antimony has mentioned every student in Queslett house has some unusual talent. This has been shown in several instances, not including Antimony's ether abilities, there is also Smitty's ability to bring order to chaos, Paz's ability to talk to animals, Kat's scientific expertise, Winsbury and Janet's uncannily good archery skills, etc., etc.

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