Mysterious objects, concepts or people in the Gunnerkrigg court Comic.


What is Gunnerkrigg Court?

Introduced: N/A Status: Unsolved
  • Coyote himself states that is is "Man's Endeavor to Become God"
  • It was "grown" from the Seed Bismuth
  • The court itself is sparsely populated but seems to be able to hold hundreds of people, if not more.
  • The court has several projects focused on separating, manipulating or studying ether as seen with The Power Station and the Decontamination Habitat.
  • They have been seen to specifically recruit individuals with unique abilities, as seen with Zimmy, Paz and Eglamore.

What is The Power Station used for?

Introduced: Chapter 19, Page 8 Status: Partially solved
  • There are several stations around the court
  • They perform experiments where they extract etheric energy from the lake, and beam it to each other.


What's up with Jones ?

Introduced: N/A Status: Partially Solved?
  • She at least looks human, and identifies as female.
  • She definitely not a Robot.
  • She is not human.
  • She does not consider herself alive.
  • She has existed long before anything on Earth.
  • She herself does not know what she is.

What are the Tic-toc?

Introduced: Chapter 1, Page 13 Status: Unsolved
  • The Court does not seem to know much about them, and has been unable to capture any to study.
  • The Robots see them as mythological creatures that have been around since the dawn of time.
  • Apparently Diego did not make them.
  • Zimmy can feel them staring, the same way she feels a camera following her.
  • Apparently the machinery grow similar to a plant when buried.
  • They saved Antimony's life by slowing her fall when she was pushed off the bridge in Chapter 8

What role has the Artilleryman played?

Introduced: Chapter 23, Page 11 Status: Unsolved
  • He was the main founder of the court.
    • The court gets its name from him ("Gunner's Crag").
  • He did not want to have anything to do with the plot to execute Jeanne.

Why did Zimmy see Kat the way she does?

Introduced: Chapter 38, Page 23 Status: Unsolved
  • It is metallic in appearance and terrifies Zimmy.
  • Kat's etheric form has never appeared in the comic before Kat was seen this way. Annie has looked at her in the ether and she wasn't seen with any unusual etheric traits, so it might not be etheric in nature.
  • Kat's alternate form reappeared when she killed the cruisebot with an electrical charge, lightning stuck and a seraph robot then bowed to her in fear. Paz seemed to be able to see her in this form, although it disappeared a second later.


What were those seeds that Ysengrin dropped?

Introduced: Chapter 14, Page 29 Status: Partially solved
  • Ysengrin seemed to use his fight with Eglamore as an excuse to drop them.
  • When Coyote granted Ysengrin his strength, thus creating Loup, the seeds grew, destroying much of the court infrastructure with the resulting trees.

What is the Omega Device?

Introduced: Chapter 53: Page 14 Status: Unsolved
  • The Court seems to be forcing people such as Anthony Carver to work on it, and it is kept a secret from the court's general population.

The blue hairclip

Introduced: Chapter 1: Page 3 Status: Unsolved
  • Several characters are shown wearing a blue hairclip: are they the same; what is its significance?
  • Jones in flashback Chapter 40: Page 8
  • Later, Anja Donlan is seen wearing one in Chapter 18: Page 42
  • Later still, Surma Stibnite is wearing one in Chapter 16: Page 30
  • Antimony loses it when falling in the Annan Waters in Chapter 8: Page 5
  • Three comic years later, apparently regenerating Jeanne's green forest lover hands a blue hairclip to Antimony in Chapter 61: Page 24

S + B carving

Introduced: Chapter 16: Page 3 or earlier Status: Resolved

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