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Foley House is one of the four scholastic houses at Gunnerkrigg Court, along with Queslett, Chester and Thornhill. The criteria for entrance are unknown, but a statement by Red seems to imply that all the students in Foley are either Suicide Fairies or other emigrants from Gillitie Wood who became human.

Student Traits

There are two known current students from this house, Red and Blue, who both used to be regional fairies. Red comments in Chapter 15, Page 17 that currently, all girls in Foley House used to be Regional Fairies, while the boys were a "bunch of different things", including a fish boy. Later, when Shadow 2 is brought to join Foley House, other boys are revealed to have been a number of different animals, including a badger, a hedgehog, some type of deer, and the aforementioned fish boy. If previously a fairy or animal, the students would have had to have passed the Test.

It is to be noted that students from this House seem to have no summer vacations, possibly to complement their education into human matters... or to keep them away from the "real world" before their studies are done.

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