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Bullbot is the nickname given to a massive, bull-like robot. Alternatively, it is known as the Hooohbot (named for the only thing it ever said).

Bullbot appeared in the robot arena almost immediately after S1's reactivation, then attacked S1, bellowing all the while. As the two fought, S1 blamed Bullbot for the death of Jeanne, and swore to avenge her. In spite of its size advantage, Bullbot was defeated and killed by the quicker and nimbler S1 in short order.

Both Reynardine and Kat noted that Bullbot's fight with S1 appeared to be scripted, leading them to suspect that Bullbot was meant as a representation of Jeanne's actual killer. It is revealed on Chapter 23, Page 14 that Bullbot was meant as a representation of Sir Young, whom Diego seems to blame for Jeanne's death.

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