Brynhildr ("Brinnie") is a female student from the same generation as Annie's parents.


At Gunnerkrigg Court

Young Brinnie

In her pre-teens, Brinnie was friends with Anja and Surma—and possibly with Donald Donlan, James Eglamore and Anthony Carver. She may or may not have been classmates with them (she wore the uniform of a student at The Court, but it's unclear whether she was enrolled). She used to eat lunch with them, and she showed up on Picture Day for a group photo with them.

After taking the picture—and teasing Anja for her crush on Donald—Brinnie lamented that it was time to leave, explaining that "You know how the old man get angry when I skip lesson." She promised to return, then drew a blue glowing valknut on the air with her forefinger and disappeared to who-knows-where.

Brinnie as a teenager

Brinnie was revealed to have had a romantic interest in Anthony Carver. Anthony was tormented by his uncertain feelings towards her, not knowing how to respond. In the end, after much deliberation "for weeks and weeks", Anthony hesitated due to anxiety rather than ask her out at an opportune moment. Brinnie, mortified, instantly teleported away in a blue flash accompanied by her valknut.

Present Day

For a long time, Brinnie's current whereabouts were unknown. Until chapter 77, she had yet to be seen, anywhere, since Antimony's arrival at The Court. The only trace of her existence was her presence in an old photo. She finally reappears in chapter 77.

The valknut is also seen again when Eglamore teleports to save Annie in Chapter 39, Page 28, but the significance of this is unknown.



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Behind the scenes

first appearance in That Photo

For some time, all that was known about her for sure was that:

  1. She is not Jones.
  2. She is in no way related to Gamma Czarnecki.

Tom Siddell said so. Repeatedly.

In this post[1], it was theorized that the 'old man' Brinnie mentioned was Odin. This was supported by Tom's revelation that Brinnie is Scandinavian[2], and when Tom revealed that the old man was indeed Odin[3], he also revealed Brinnie's identity: she is the valkyrie Brynhildr, sent to Earth for going against Odin's wishes.

Given the many chapters between Brinnie's appearance in the photo, and the first actual information about her, it's not surprising that she was the subject of much speculation by the fandom. Two theories in particular (that she was a younger Jones, and that she is a relative of Gamma's) were particularly popular due to Brinnie's appearance; these theories persist in spite of the fact that Tom explicitly denied them in the comment below Chapter 17, Page 3.

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