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Bonus pages are pages that come after a main chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court has ended. They show fun facts or round out parts of the Gunnerkrigg Court universe. Included are the treatises that mark the end of each book, except the first treatise which marks the end of the seven chapter Lulu edition. They are the only pages that Tea has ever appeared on.

List of bonus pages

* Not listed as a bonus page in the archives.

Other Pages

There are a few pages that are not listed as part of a comic, and not as a bonus page. Most of these are in Black/white, and about Katerina and real-world pop-culture, but there are exceptions.


Treatises are Bonus pages that usually mark the ending of one of the released books. They hold many references to a number of events throughout the book, sometimes there may also be foreshadowing or symbolism for artistic license.

Something worth noting is that Kat is always on the left side while Annie is on the right. The same goes for the sun and the moon. On every single treatise they both appear on the right and left in some way, usually just a symbol. And also for Gunnerkrigg Court and Gillitie Wood in the treatises that they appear on.

First Treatise

Treatsie 1.jpg

Chapter 7, Page 24

This Treatise marks the end of the very first book released, the Lulu edition. This book is no longer available, and instead the second marks the end of the first Volume. This is also the only one that doesn't show both the court and the forest.


  • "Ora lege relega labora et invenies" is latin and translates to "Pray, read, read again, work and you shall find.
  • The sun and the moon above Annie and Kat's heads. This is repeated in most of the other treatises.
  • The symbol for Antimony, this might reference Chapter 3: Reynardine.
  • other alchemic(?) symbols (repeated in many following treatises): triangle = fire (Annie), inverted triangle = water

Second Treatise

Treatsie 2.jpg

Chapter 14, Page 36

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume One: Orientation. It is also used as the cover artwork for the paperback version of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume One: Orientation.


Third Treatise

Treatsie 3.jpg

Chapter 22, Page 24

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Two: Research.


  • A poster with the moon and the text "Visit the stars". This may refer to either Chapter 20: Coyote Stories where Annie touches the moon.
  • In top-right corner there's a symbol that looks like the Zia people's symbol for the sun.
  • Fire around Annie's hand, refering to her usage of the Blinker stone.
  • A cog-wheel above Kat. Might reference her unique knowledge of machinery.
  • A shadow in the court. Might reference the shadow people in Chapter 22: Ties.
  • Coyote and Ysengrin in the forest, referencing Chapter 20: Coyote Stories.
  • Part of a circle with some scriptures on can be seen in the background.

Fourth Treatise

Treatsie 4.jpg

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Three: Reason.


Fifth Treatise

Treatsie 5.jpg

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Four: Materia.


Sixth Treatise

Treatsie 6.jpg

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Five: Refine.


Seventh Treatise

Treatise 7.jpg

This treatise marks the end of Gunnerkrigg Court Volume Six.


(copied from Symbols#Treatises):

The seventh treatise (discussion) marks the end of the sixth volume and approximately maps the characters to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: *immortality and incomprehensible primordial energy at the top, physical universe lower; left column as severity/Boaz, right as Mercy/Jachin;

  • Jones as Understanding/Binah top left;
  • Annie's fire elemental as Wisdom/Chokhmah top right;
  • Anthony Carver as judgement/Gewurah mid-left;
  • Coyote as loving-kindness/Chesed mid-right;
  • Kat gesturing to Knowledge/Da'at upper centre, apparently leading Antimony towards *Balance/Tiferet lower centre to mediate between severity (Court, her father) and mercy (Forest, Coyote);
  • Ysengrim possibly as strength,victory/Netzach lower right;
  • Robot and Shadow/Paz/Reynard at Intellect/Hod lower left;
  • Court, Annan Waters chasm and Forest as a connection/Yesod with Jeanne at the bottom as some kind of vessel or filter/Malkuth. (adapted from


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