Annie's blinker stone.

A blinker stone is a stone or gem with magical properties. Depending on the will of the user, it can do many different things including imitating a fire, creating a hand-held flame, and producing designs made of light, both small and very large ones. In addition, the user can see the blinker stone (and its surroundings) and use it no matter where it is, and retrieve it from that location instantly. Fairly recently, Coyote demonstrates to Annie how she can even use it to manipulate objects physically, as in telekinesis. Antimony Carver has one, as does Anja Donlan. Blinker stones are traditionally given between couples: Anja's was a gift from Donald, while Annie's was supposedly a gift from Mort, although Muut suggested the idea to Mort, provided the stone, and delivered it to Annie. Annie usually wears her stone on a cord around her neck.
Blinker stone lens

Blinker stones act as a lens for thought.

So far it is unknown why the blinker stone "behaves" in the way it does, a property inherent to the etheric sciences. Reynardine comments that the stone reacts to the will of the user. Later, Anja explains that the stone acts as a lens for focusing thought, and that a skilled user can learn to work without the stone, although some people cannot use the stone at all.

Recently Annie has demonstrated a greater ability to use the stone, presumably due to off-screen instruction from Anja. While on her recent camping trip, she was able to create the illusion of a major fire, and she can now produce both letters and symbols with light.

However, when Annie experienced serious distress that began once her estranged father, Anthony Carver, reentered her life, her anger was so great that her fire manipulation abilities threatened to go out of control, and she used her blinker stone to contain her powers. Once Annie went to go see Ysengrin in the hope he would comfort her, Ysengrin saw fit to ask Annie for her blinker stone. Noticing Annie was using the stone to suppress herself, he crushed it in his fingertips as means of making her confront her anger head-on.

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