Basil is the legendary minotaur whom Theseus dealt with in the Labyrinth. This means Basil is more than 2000 years old, though he could be even older as it is not known when the myth originated.


As in the myth, Basil is the son of Pasiphae and step-brother of Ariadne.

In the myth his father is Minos, though that's not been stated as an in-fiction fact.


Despite the well known story of the minotaur, Basil claims it happened differently. His story is that he had a hard time making friends as a child, and his mother made a big birthday party for him in the labyrinth on Knossos. But then Theseus showed up and got drunk, started a fight and tried to hit on Basil's step-sister. This resulted in all the guests having to leave early. When the story was retold, Basil ended up being cast as the villain.

At one point, Basil aquired a time share on the labyrinth in Gunnerkrigg Court's library.

Later Antimony Carver and Katerina Donlan found him in his labyrinth and convinced him to tell his version of the story to the Queslett North Year 7 class.

Next time he's seen is at the start of Annie's ninth year. By this time he's grown a goatee and is trying to help Kat and Annie become friends again.


"Basil" (of course not a canonical name for the minotaur), is nonetheless an appropriate name in its origins: it is derived from the Greek basileus, meaning "king".

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