Arthur is a Shadow Man in a secret relationship with Juliette.


Arthur met Juliette when she was young and he was newly made. Arthur gave Juliette a love letter. Juliette turned him down but they remained as friends. However, years later, their relationship evolves into something romantic.

Eventually, the two start researching how to transfer consciousness between bodies, hoping to put Arthur's mind into a more humanoid body so they can leave the court unseen, as human-robot romance is against the rules. When they are offered positions as Shadow Men they accept, hoping it can help them with their research.

Role in the Main Story

Arthur accompanies Juliette in manning The Power Station after Jack Hyland had broken in there. The two joke around until receiving orders from Jones about activating the station.

As part of the Shadow Men, Arthur and Juliette investigates the Seraph Squad, which leads them to rumors about Katerina Donlan and her work on synthetic machinery. Arthur then attends a funeral held by Robot as part of Kat's Robot Cult for her failed experiment. Arthur was there, presumably undercover to gather information about Kat's progress.

He later spies on Robot whom has just received a biological arm and meets up with Shadow 2. Arthur then reports this to Juliette and they decide to keep an eye on that.

Arthur and Juliette eventually reveal themselves to Kat, as well as their secret roles, info they'd gathered on Kat and their romantic relationship. They also offer her help in form of Anthony Carver in order for Arthur to receive a biological body after Robot's is finished.

When Ysengrin ate Coyote and attacked Gunnerkrigg Court, Arthur, such as most other robots went into automode, activating some sort of force-field around the Court, and becoming stationary and unresponsive. Juliette decided to stay with him, despite warnings of dangers

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