Annan Bridge

Annan Bridge

Annan Bridge is the only known safe way to cross the Annan Waters. It was constructed by the Court to allow safe passage between the Court and Gillitie Wood. When it is entered by a student, an alarm will sound. This has happened to Annie at least twice.


  • The first event know is about 25 years before the main-story, when a bound dog of the forrest tries to cross it to escape back into the forest, it probably crossed on its way to the court as well.
  • Later, just after Antimony starts attending school she sends a Robot with Shadow 2 in tow. Robot would later return controled by Shadow 3 and simply stand there, in the middle of the bridge until Annie came up to it. Robot then grabs Reynardine and pushes Annie off of the bridge before getting impaled by James Eglamore
  • Annie and Eglamore would later both cross in order to bring Annie to the forest.
  • At the end of Annie's second year at the school she has a breakdown resulting in her fleeing from the court and to the forest, she would be followed by Eglamore and release a deadly burst of fire to block his path.

Real Life Correspondant

The Annan Bridge in the Gunnerkrigg Court universe may be related to the real-life Annan Bridge in Scotland.

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