Ankou is a psychopomp which in the comic appears as a dried up corpse with a scythe.


Ankou has apparently met Jones several times, though nothing more than that is known.

His first known event in the comic is when a young Mort is killed by a bomb during World War 2 because he tried to save Jones. Due to her intervention in Mort's life, The Realm Of The Dead showed up to let him become a ghost. Ankou complained that Mort belonged to him, but had to let it go because of seniority.

At one point, Muut introduced him to Antimony Carver while she lived in Good Hope Hospital.

Some years later, Ankou showed up in the ROTD library because Mort had decided he was ready to move on to the ether. There he met Annie again and they had a conversation, followed by him introducing her to the guy that took Mort's file in the first place.

After Andrew Smith was hurt trying to free Jeanne, Ankou is among the many guides that show up and heal Andrew once Antimony agrees to work for them.


Ankou is a personification of death in Breton mythology. There are many tales involving Ankou, who appears as a man or skeleton wearing a cloak and wielding a scythe, often atop a cart for collecting the dead. According to some he was the first child of Adam and Eve. Other versions have it that Ankou is the first dead person of the year (though he is always depicted as adult, and male), charged with collecting the others before he can go to the afterlife. [1]

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