The number 113 appears in many places in Gunnerkrigg Court, and before that in Tom's art. Its significance is open to speculation, but we know it isn't the room A-113 reference that shows up in some animated movies. It's often rendered in a blocky style, and could come from the last three letters in Tom's surname.

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Appearances of 113

Strip Location
Chapter 3, Page 16 on a lock
Chapter 5, Page 4 a sign in the library
Chapter 5, Page 7 the function hall where the Science Fair was held
Chapter 9, Page 2 on a sign above a pipe
Chapter 9, Page 15 on the door of the decontamination room
Chapter 13, Page 20 on Aly's shirt
Chapter 18, Page 23 robot models S1 + S13 = 113
Chapter 19, Page 4 on Margo's scarf
Chapter 19, Page 25 formed in boards
Chapter 24, Page 7 on a laser cow
Chapter 25, Page 6 on Kat's magnifying glass
Chapter 25, Page 30 the Student Handbook chapter number
Chapter 27, Page 27 formed in boards
Chapter 29, Page 10 on a label on a mouse cage
Chapter 34, Page 11 on the side of a box
Chapter 34, Page 34 in a framed picture
Chapter 34, Page 37 as a necklace
Chapter 35, Page 3 on a racquet case
Chapter 38, Page 30 on a heart rate monitor
Chapter 40, Page 28 on an X-ray of Jones
Chapter 41, Page 9 on Kat's scarf
Chapter 41, Page 11 spoken by another Seraph referring to a warehouse address
Chapter 41, Page 12 on a sign for the Seraphs' secret base
Chapter 47, Page 4 on an Air Attack Refuge card
Chapter 60, Page 15 on Kat's T-shirt
Chapter 65, Page 25 on Margo's T-shirt and her laptop
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